Watch: Democrats Dress up Like Chinese Communists, Wave CCP Flag for Chinese New Year

au_uhoo /
au_uhoo / shutterstock.comIf you’ve ever wondered why so few American leaders ever do anything beneficial for the American people, perhaps the answer is hiding in plain sight. The Chinese Lunar New Year was celebrated in New York City last week. Some of the highest-ranking American politicians in New York were there—and they were all decked out in […]


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Ryan Broshar /
Ryan Broshar / shutterstock.comThe sleepy little town of Whitewater, WI, is about an hour’s drive west from Milwaukee. It’s an idyllic American town with a populat ...Read More

Small White Town in Wisconsin Paying the Price for Joe Biden’s Invasion

Gary Varvel /
Gary Varvel / creators.comSuperbowl viewers were likely disgusted by a carefully placed ad by Team Biden, bizarrely focusing on shrinkflation. President Biden ...Read More

Biden Administration Targets Shrinkflation 

siam.pukkato /
siam.pukkato / shutterstock.comIn a groundbreaking discovery, researchers have pinpointed a notable surge in the cases of tinnitus and vertigo among individuals fo ...Read More

New Study Uncovers Hearing and Balance Disorders Post-COVID-19 Vaccination

jhonny marcell oportus /
jhonny marcell oportus / shutterstock.comOh no, here we go again with the mysterious high-altitude balloon in American airspace. American authorities are monitoring an unide ...Read More

Guess What’s Back? Mystery Balloon Spotted: Are Foreign Snoopers Tracking the U.S.?

Bruno Passigatti /
Bruno Passigatti / shutterstock.comChicago is in terrible shape in 2024. The last Republican mayor left office in 1931, and the city has not fared well under 93 years ...Read More

After Years of Nice Weather, Chicago Sues Oil Companies for Global Warming

Rich Koele /
Rich Koele / shutterstock.comIn an alarming declaration that has reverberated through the corridors of power and across the digital expanse of the nation, Senato ...Read More

Forget AT&T’s Outage:  Rubio Warns of a Nightmare Cyber Threat from China

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Ron Adar /
Ron Adar / shutterstock.comJoe Biden thinks he has what it takes to be re-elected. However, critics are waving 10 red flags to say otherwise. Watch now:

WATCH: 10 Red Flags for Biden’s Re-Election Campaign

Motortion Films /
Motortion Films / shutterstock.comAlexander Smirnov, a former FBI informant, faces charges of lying to the FBI about a bribery scheme implicating President Joe Biden, ...Read More

Who is Smirnov, and What Does His Indictment Mean for Biden’s Corruption Investigation? 

LightField Studios /
LightField Studios / shutterstock.comJust outside of Boston, Massachusetts, the Brockton School Committee has lost its way. In a school so overran by drugs and violence, ...Read More

Blue City Officials Failed Students So Badly They Are Begging for the National Guard

Atstock Productions /
Atstock Productions / shutterstock.comIn the fall of 2023, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) found evidence that Joe Biden received a $200,000 check f ...Read More

Biden’s 200k Check Resurfaces in Corruption Scandal 

New Africa /
New Africa / shutterstock.comOne of the things that annoys the fake news media the most is the way that Donald Trump has continuously driven the news cycle ever ...Read More

Trump’s New High-Top Sneakers Sell Out in Minutes After Insane NY Court Ruling

Peter Elvidge /
Peter Elvidge / shutterstock.comAn elderly British couple in North Northamptonshire purchased a lovely new home in November for £200,000. They received the shock of ...Read More

City Council Informs Elderly Couple It’s Taking Their Home to Give to Migrants


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Of Course, California’s $20 Minimum Wage Benefits Major Newsom Donor

Dmitry Bruskov /
Dmitry Bruskov / shutterstock.comIf you haven’t heard, the state of California has once again decided to raise its minimum wage. However, the new law includes an odd ...Read More

McConnell Steps Down From Leadership In 2024, Now What? 

Christopher Halloran /
Christopher Halloran / shutterstock.comFresh on the heels of a contentious battle to replace House Speaker McCarthy, Republicans face a new challenge following Mitch McCon ...Read More

Have We Really Landed on the Moon?

Oleg_Yakovlev /
Oleg_Yakovlev / shutterstock.comWe landed on the moon back in 1969 and haven’t been back since. So, did we ever ACTUALLY land on the moon? Tell us what you think wi ...Read More

Democrats Planning Their Own January 6 If Trump Wins 

Johnny Silvercloud /
Johnny Silvercloud / shutterstock.comShortly after 1 p.m. on January 6, 2021, protestors began entering the Capitol building. Most were excited to see inside the buildin ...Read More

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