Texas Representative Tired of Biden Failing the Border, Ready To Bring In Musk

Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.com
Frederic Legrand - COMEO / shutterstock.comUS Representative Tony Gonzales (R-TX) has heard the cries of the people of Texas. He is not tuning them out like the President is. Instead, he is visiting their locations to learn what is going on. What are they getting right, and what needs the most improvement? Unannounced, so nobody had time to hide deficiencies, […]


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Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.com
Evan El-Amin / shutterstock.comAs you’ve likely heard, Donald Trump and the Trump Organization got some rather bad news on Tuesday. And according to several legal ...Read More

Trump’s Court Loss is Called “Corporate Death Penalty”

mark reinstein / shutterstock.com
mark reinstein / shutterstock.comIf you’ve ever heard or seen Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, you know he doesn’t look or sound like a senator. And apparently, ...Read More

Senate Unanimously Votes to Directly Address Fetterman’s Misconduct

Sergei Elagin / shutterstock.com
Sergei Elagin / shutterstock.comIn yet another declaration of war against capitalism, The Federal Trade Commission has turned its attention to dismantling Amazon. C ...Read More

Biden’s FTC Seeking to Destroy Amazon for “Illegal Monopoly” 

Luigi Morris / shutterstock.com
Luigi Morris / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden is grabbing his picket sign and heading to the frontlines with striking United Auto Workers in a play to garner ...Read More

Trump and Biden Head to Michigan to Appear Before Union Workers Who Don’t Want Either of Them There 

Grindstone Media Group / shutterstock.com
Grindstone Media Group / shutterstock.comBack in 2017, a District Court judge in California overturned the state’s illegal, Second Amendment-infringing restriction on firear ...Read More

BANG: California’s Magazine Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.com
Vic Hinterlang / shutterstock.comWe all know the Biden Administration’s southern border is best described as porous. Thankfully, the Texas National Guard is making i ...Read More

Texas National Guard Gets to Work in Eagle Pass

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Andrew Cline / shutterstock.com
Andrew Cline / shutterstock.comSenator Joe Manchin. (D-WV) is one of the most right-leaning Democrats known to man. While elected for the left, a lot of principal ...Read More

Sen Manchin (D-WV) Has Had Enough With Shorts and Hoodies; Files To Restore Dignity to the Floor

Underawesternsky / shutterstock.com
Underawesternsky / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime announced a proposal on Monday of this week to ban all oil drilling and mining on thousands of acres of resource-ri ...Read More

Biden Proposes 50-Year Ban on Mining in New Mexico – Ensuring Chinese EV Dominance

Milosz Maslanka / shutterstock.com
Milosz Maslanka / shutterstock.comChicago Mayor Brandon Johnson recently dropped a bombshell when he revealed his plan to team up with the nonprofit advocacy group “E ...Read More

Socialist Style City-Owned Grocery Stores Proposed in Crime-Riddled Chicago 

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comAppearing on Meet the Press on September 17th, former President and current 2024 candidate for return to office Donald Trump gave a ...Read More

Trump Plans on Finding Unprecedented Middle Ground on Abortions

Evgenia Parajanian / shutterstock.com
Evgenia Parajanian / shutterstock.comLess than one percent of the illegal aliens that have flooded into New York City this year have applied for work authorizations. Tha ...Read More

Only 800 of New York’s 110K Illegal Aliens Have Applied for Work Authorizations

Domenico Fornas / shutterstock.com
Domenico Fornas / shutterstock.comHunter Biden is suing the IRS for what he claims is an “assault” on his rights as a taxpayer following public exposure from the test ...Read More

Hunter Sues IRS for Violating His Rights as a Taxpayer and Claims He’s Owed a Refund 


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31 Years of Experience and the Oldest Living Senator Are Gone

Katherine Welles / shutterstock.com
Katherine Welles / shutterstock.comNo matter how you may have seen her time in the Senate, California’s Democratic leader and institution, Dianne Feinstein, was a pill ...Read More

Biden Moves to Deport Christian Homeschooling Family

BNP Design Studio / shutterstock.com
BNP Design Studio / shutterstock.comWe have good news and bad news to report when it comes to the mass immigration crisis that is destroying America. The good news is t ...Read More

All is Not As It Seems: Conservatives Going Wild Over Videos Showing National Guard Helping Illegals Cross 

Zdenek Sasek / shutterstock.com
Zdenek Sasek / shutterstock.comConservatives are reacting to newly released video and photographs showing National Guard troops helping illegal immigrants across t ...Read More

Coverup: New Emails Prove Biden White House Lied About COVID Vax Dangers in Early 2021

RKingly / shutterstock.com
RKingly / shutterstock.comThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Biden White House knew that the COVID vaccines were killing people as e ...Read More

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