The Ukraine/Russia War: Who Will Win?

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Gokhan Y / shutterstock.comThe war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a while, but both sides say it’s coming to an end. Who will win? Share your thoughts in this quick poll: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

DeSantis Signs New Energy Law Enraging Green Zealots

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Andrew Cline / shutterstock.comThanks to climate alarmists and zealots, the US energy grid and industry have tanked in recent years. But Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis is not allowing the same thing to happen to his state. As he shared on his x account on Wednesday, DeSantis just signed three new energy bills into law. “The legislation I […]

WATCH: Credit Card Debt is at a Record High

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Kingmaya Studio / shutterstock.comAmericans are dealing with an unprecedented amount of debt, and much of it has to do with Bidenomics. Watch now:

Fani Willis Faces GOP Heat for Alleged Misuse of Your Tax Dollars

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ibragimova / shutterstock.comRepublican senators are turning up the heat on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, investigating her for allegedly misusing federal funds in her high-profile investigation of former President Donald Trump. This investigation isn’t just about holding Willis accountable and ensuring justice isn’t weaponized against political rivals. Senators from the Republican side are scrutinizing whether Willis improperly utilized […]

Never Trumpers Are Turning into Never Biden Voters?

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Tennessee Witney / shutterstock.comFor just about as long as Donald Trump has been a presidential candidate, the term “NeverTrumpers” has been a thing. But now, that term is being replaced by Never Again… And for incumbent president Joe Biden, that’s not a good thing. As you know, there are Democrats and Republicans alike who have never been fans […]

Nigerian Leader Says a US Ultimatum Destroyed Military Relationship / / shutterstock.comNigeria has proven that America has no place in dictating what a country should be allowed to do.   Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine Zeine squarely blamed the United States for the breakdown of its military relationship with the U.S., accusing American officials of trying to control Niger’s partnerships and not giving good reasons for having […]

Watts the Problem? EV Chargers Under Attack by Copper-Hungry Crooks

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Owlie Productions / shutterstock.comSo, picture this: you roll up to the electric vehicle charging station ready to juice up your ride, only to discover that some genius has gone all Edward Scissorhands on the charging cables. Yep, it’s like pulling into a gas station and finding out all the hoses are MIA. A Bay Area Supercharger with several […]

Bad News for Biden: RFK Could Make the Ballot in All 50 States

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lev radin / shutterstock.comBack in October, it looked as if Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign was completely doomed. His entire campaign field staff quit on the same day over his response to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Things have apparently turned around since then, and it now looks like RFK will qualify for the ballot in all 50 states. […]

Congress Drops the Ball: $34 Trillion in Debt and No Plan in Sight

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zimmytws / shutterstock.comSix months have slipped by since the newly minted House Speaker, Mike Johnson, boldly declared it was high time to tackle America’s ballooning $34.6 trillion debt with a bipartisan commission.  He warned that ignoring the issue would lead to dire consequences, echoing concerns previously expressed by other Republican leaders. Fast forward to today, and that […]

Is the Latest Tech Killing Us?

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CreativeAngela / shutterstock.comDo you think too much screentime is having an adverse effect on our health? Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Clinton Blames Trump: Supreme Court’s Abortion Debate Reads Like Handmaid’s Tale

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Jose Gil / shutterstock.comDuring her chat on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Hillary Clinton shared her gut reaction to the Supreme Court’s latest performance, which Clinton believes was less courtroom drama and more horror show. “I thought I would throw up listening to the oral argument before the Supreme Court about whether or not doctors and hospitals and nurses have to […]

Boy Scouts Are No More, Welcome to Scouting America
Creators.comOn February 8, 2025, the Boy Scouts of America, the beloved and iconic organization devoted to turning young boys into capable men, will cease to exist. On that day, marking the 115th anniversary of the organization, the BSA will officially change its name to Scouting America, thus destroying generations of proud tradition.  The BSA was […]

Republicans Finally Move to Try to Stop Biden’s Electric Semi-Truck Rules

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Vitpho / shutterstock.comThe Biden regime has been on a rampage against the American middle class ever since the 2020 election was stolen. The latest move by the regime to cripple America comes courtesy of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Biden has had his unelected bureaucrats in the EPA pass a new rule to destroy the big rig […]

Is Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Vote-Buying Scheme Falling Apart? 

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Monthira / shutterstock.comOn the surface, President Joe Biden’s plan to buy votes with the promise of student loan cancellations seems to be working. Millions of people who have federal loans are benefiting from these changes. Many will likely support the president when he faces off against former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election to ensure their […]

Teen Barely Escapes Bullets for Parking in the Wrong Driveway

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Bilanol / shutterstock.comOccasionally, God likes to prove to us that he is looking out for people, especially the little guy as he makes his way through life. As NBC News reports, 18-year-old Caiden Wheeler is one of those people. Delivering on his usual route for a Tennessee Domino’s pizzeria, he mistakenly parked in the wrong driveway in […]