Climate Change Wiped Out Dinosaurs? We Didn’t Even Know They Drove SUVs 

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AmeliAU / shutterstock.comEvery school kid learned the facts about the great dinosaur extinction. Around 66 million years ago, a giant asteroid struck the earth and annihilated dinosaurs from the prehistoric planet. The K-PG event, otherwise known as the Chicxulub Impact, ushered in a new era that saw the end of the dinosaurs and the rise of mammals.  […]

Watch: Liar Joe Biden Claims Thanksgiving was “Fourth Cheapest on Record”

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Maria Raz / shutterstock.comHello, fellow Americans! What are you planning to spend all that extra money that Joe Biden saved you on Thanksgiving dinner costs this year? Don’t spend it all in one place! At this point, you kind of have to wonder if Joe Biden is trying to lose his reelection bid in 2024. His lies and […]

State Allowed to Put Citizens in Indefinite Quarantine and Isolation

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Liudmyla Guniavaia / shutterstock.comCOVID-19’s pandemic might be over, but it’s led to a complete rethinking of state and federal health policies. And in New York, freedom and due process just lost. Reason To Leave New York: Rule 2.13 gives NY the ability to come in your home and take you away to quarantine without notice. Keep you as […]

SpaceX Starship Gets Up for a Second Time and Yet Again Goes Rogue

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Blueee77 / shutterstock.comTechnoking Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship was launched for a second try on November 19th and, yet again, not quite successful. On that fateful morning, people cheered as the rocket blasted off and gained the upward momentum needed to get to space. Fired off the private SpaceX Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, once it reached the […]

A 9-Year-Old Humiliates Nikki Haley on the Campaign Trail

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Juli Hansen / shutterstock.comFormer UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has done a great job on the campaign trail this year by reminding American voters of why they hate establishment neocons so much. “Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels” is pretty much the best and most accurate nickname we’ve heard for her yet, although Donald Trump’s “Birdbrain” is a close second. […]

Democrat Priorities on Full Display: 75-Year-Old Pro-Lifer Convicted as Violent DNC Rioters Remain Free 

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Aaron of L.A. Photography / shutterstock.comLiberals have something to celebrate. Last week, one more terrifying threat to abortion rights was safely removed from the streets of Washington D.C. and prosecuted, thanks to the tireless efforts of pro-life Judge Colleen Collar-Kotelly.  Paulette Harlow, a 75-year-old pro-life activist, has been convicted of “conspiracy against rights” and violating the FACE Act for her […]

Gingrich’s Warning About Michelle Obama is Echoed by More and More

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EPG_EuroPhotoGraphics / shutterstock.comWith Democratic President Joe Biden running for reelection, it’s become clear that the party of the left is a bit divided. And according to some, the coming of a new and alarming contender could divide it even more. According to former Speaker of the House and big-hitting conservative Newt Gingrich, the rumors of a Michelle […]

Ignore the Terrible Polls; Biden is Headed for 2024 Victory Anyway, According to Demented Dems 

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Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.comWhile poll after poll shows that throwing support behind bumbling President Joe Biden is a losing strategy, Democrats continue to find ways to justify his reelection campaign.  The biggest argument the Democrats have is that no matter how bad Biden is, former President Donald Trump is worse. This strategy is used to refute every concern […]

Liberals Freak Out Over Flag Outside Speaker Johnson’s Office

BUTENKOV ALEKSEI / shutterstock.comThe flags people choose to fly can say a lot about a person. And for Speaker Mike Johnson, the flag outside his office has more than a few liberals up in arms (not literally, that would imply that they appreciate our Second Amendment). As the Rolling Stone magazine recently reported on, Johnson, in addition to […]

Mortgage Rates are Dropping…Is This a Good Thing?

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Billion Photos / shutterstock.comMortgage rates were in the two percent range while President Trump sat in the Oval Office. Since Biden took the reins, the rates have been skyrocketing. Buying a home has been an expensive undertaking in the past few years. Not only have home prices risen in many metropolitan cities but the rates themselves have been […]

Oops! Historic All-Female Space Walk Crew Drops Their Tool Bag in Space

Courtesy of Nasa
Courtesy of NasaWoohoo! History has been made! Diversity, equity, and inclusion have triumphed once again! Take that, you MAGA-TARDS with your white supremacy! The very first all-female spacewalk has just concluded and now everyone knows that women are better than white men at EVERYTHING! Neener-neener-neeeeener! It looks like… wait… what? Oh, dear. Well, this is embarrassing. Before […]

Surprise! Oregon HS Boys Say No to Pads and Tampons

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Khosro / shutterstock.comThere are certain things that boys need to concern themselves with. Pads and tampons are not among those for one simple fact: they don’t menstruate. As such, the last thing that they want to see on a daily basis are products that are only necessary for women. Now, there are always those who believe that […]

Let’s Not Forget About the Time Ilhan Omar Almost Got Kicked Out of Congress

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Paris Malone / shutterstock.comRepresentative Ilhan Omar has been on thin ice for a while now. The Democrat from Minnesota is currently trying to be re-elected…and that’s amid many calling that she stops with her antisemitic posts. It wasn’t that long ago that Republicans tried to kick her out of Congress. Back in February, Republicans were able to remove […]

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Choose Veteran’s Day To Rip Down US Flags in Support of Hamas

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Kevin RC Wilson / shutterstock.comMobs of people who are pro-Palestine and pro-Israel have been facing off across the globe over the last few weeks. Ever since Hamas brought the fight right to Israel, the two groups have had the globe divided over what to do, and who to support. With ample liberals coming out of the woodwork to condemn […]

The Irony: Trump’s “Martial Law” Proposal for a Peaceful Transfer of Power Faces Liberal Opposition
shutterstock.comThe headlines of the mainstream media worriedly announce, “Trump plans to impose martial law on his inaugural day,” complete with Hitler comparisons and fears that he will “go after” his political opponents in a revenge scheme fit to rival the Princess Bride’s Inigo Montoya.  “My name is Donald Trump. You almost killed my political future. […]