Kansas Lawsuit Could Pave the Way for Class Action Against Pfizer

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Marco Lazzarini / shutterstock.comOne of the most frustrating things about the mass vaccination program that the Biden regime tried to force on everyone during COVID-19 is that families cannot sue Pfizer and other big pharmaceutical companies after their experimental shots injured or killed people. The State of Kansas, however, has had prior dealings with Pfizer and had an […]

JD Vance Chosen as Top VP Pick in Detroit, Will Trump Agree? 

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lev radin / shutterstock.comDetroit Convention-goers at the Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention have spoken, voicing support for Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance as Trump’s vice-presidential pick for 2024. Vance easily overcame challengers, including Marco Rubio (R-FL), Doug Burgum (R-ND), and Tim Scott (R-SC).  The poll was conducted by Big Data Poll, a grassroots movement associated with Turning Point […]

Draft Squads Terrorize Ukraine in a Preview of Joe Biden’s Second Term

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Dmytro Larin / shutterstock.comMost of Ukraine’s soldiers are now dead or too wounded to continue fighting on the front. The Ukrainian people just want the suffering that Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky have caused to end. Because they are practically out of soldiers, Zelensky has deployed a one million-strong police force to snatch men off the streets and […]

Liar Michael Cohen Says He’s Running for a House Seat, But It Could Just Be Another Lie

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a katz / shutterstock.comSerial liar Michael Cohen, the one-time attorney for President Donald Trump, says that his former boss should no longer be eligible to run for office. After all, Trump is a “convicted felon” according to a rigged Manhattan jury. In related news, Michael Cohen says that he is running for a seat in Congress. Can anyone […]

Trump Points Out Biden’s 1994 Racist Crime Legislation to Black Detroit Church 

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cristiano barni / shutterstock.comOver the weekend, former President Donald Trump visited 180 Church, a Black church in Detroit, Michigan, to announce a Black voter coalition. Pastor Lorenzo Sewell welcomed the visit despite Detroit being a blue stronghold in the state.   While Democrats skewered Trump’s appearance at 180 Church, Pastor Sewell noted that it is far more than Biden […]

Republicans Want to Force Biden to Debate Trump Without Medical Intervention 

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photosince / shutterstock.comAfter President Joe Biden’s trip to Italy to attend the G7 economic summit, sources reveal that his next trip might be to Camp David for an extended rest in preparation for his debate with former President Donald Trump. During that visit, some speculate that Biden will be “medically revitalized,” with FOX News’ Kellyanne Conway suggesting […]

Biden Opposes Pay Raise for US Troops After Sending Gobs of Cash to Ukraine

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Bumble Dee / shutterstock.comThe House Armed Services Committee has released a draft of the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act that would provide a nice pay increase for all junior troops in the US military. It’s too bad for the troops that Joe Biden and the Democrat Party hate the military with such seething passion. The White House has […]

Hunter Biden Is Now a Convicted Felon, Too, And Dems Are Thrilled 

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Andrew Leyden / shutterstock.comIt’s been a year of historic firsts in the courtroom. Donald Trump, the first-ever former President to be convicted of a “felony,” now shares his spotlight with Hunter Biden, the first child of a sitting President to face the same fate.   And secretly, Dems couldn’t be happier.  Hunter Biden has been found guilty of all […]

The ‘51 Intel Officials’ Who Lied About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Still Won’t Apologize

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Fractal Pictures / shutterstock.comAll 51 of the former US intelligence officials who lied to the American people about Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 still refuse to apologize. The election interference op, which was orchestrated by Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken, was a contributing factor in the 2020 election being stolen from President Donald Trump and the […]

Expert Warns: U.S. Might Boost Nuclear Stockpile Due to China, Russia Aggression

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Anton Watman / shutterstock.comFolks, it’s time to wake up. The Biden administration is toying with the idea of deploying more nuclear weapons as China and Russia ramp up their aggression. Pranay Vaddi, the National Security Council’s top arms control official, warned that without a change in our adversaries’ arsenals, we might need to increase our nuclear stockpile soon. […]

Biden Didn’t Poop Himself at D-Day, But Why That Was Even Considered a Possibility? 

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Zamurovic Brothers / shutterstock.comJune 6 is an important day of remembrance for France and America, one which President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron commemorated at an event in Normandy, France. But the day might also be one Biden would wish to forget, as photographers caught him in an awkward pose that indicated he may have soiled […]

MTG Says Fauci Should Be Jailed for Crimes Against Humanity 

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Aaron of L.A. Photography / shutterstock.comDr. Anthony Fauci is in the spotlight yet again for the role he took in spreading false information about COVID-19, from its origins to the fabricated “science” behind masking, lockdowns, and vaccinations.  During his testimony on Monday, Fauci blamed the CDC for making up the widely disputed “six-foot” rule for social distancing, a mandate that he had […]

Corruption Getting Deeper: Schumer’s Brother Connected to Bragg 

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Bumble Dee / shutterstock.comProsecutors who ran on platforms of “getting Trump,” secretive meetings between prosecutors and the Biden administration, judges’ family members who stood to make millions over a Trump conviction, judges willing to set fairness aside to guarantee a guilty verdict- it’s hard to keep track of all the conflicts of interest at play in former President […]

Did Biden Just Reveal His Stance on His Son’s Trial? Read Between the Lines

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Andrew Leyden / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden, ever the proud papa, decided to drop a statement earlier this week about his youngest son Hunter’s trial. He lauded Hunter for his “strength” and “resilience in the face of adversity” because, apparently, navigating legal troubles is now a character-building exercise. Hunter Biden’s trial started this week. He is facing three federal […]

Newsom Backpaddling, Delaying Minimum Wage Implementation for Health Care Workers 

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Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.comCalifornia Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law requiring a $25 minimum wage for healthcare workers back in 2022. Those who would benefit from the proposed increase included support staff like transporters, janitors, and food staff within medical facilities. The law was passed to counter healthcare facilities’ ongoing staffing crisis by offering qualified workers an incentive […]