Congressman Drops Bombshell: Biden’s Student Loan Update a Shameless Scam!

Kitinut Jinapuck /
Kitinut Jinapuck / shutterstock.comA “complete scam” is how a North Carolina congressman has labeled President Joe Biden’s recent proposal to shift the burden of student loan repayments from borrowers to taxpayers. Republican U.S. Rep. Richard Hudson voiced his criticism late Monday on social media, stating, “Joe Biden’s ‘student loan forgiveness’ plan is a complete scam.”  According to Hudson, […]

Another Chinese National Caught Trespassing on a US Military Base

Mike Kuhlman /
Mike Kuhlman / shutterstock.comFor the second time in less than a week, an illegal alien from China has been caught probing defenses and response times at US military bases in California. The first incident happened last week at the El Centro Naval Air Facility, just a few miles north of the Mexican border, where the illegal alien snuck […]

Senate Candidate Blames Climate Change on East Coast Earthquake

SUNG YOON JO / shutterstock.comEveryone knows that earthquakes generally happen because of movement within the Earth. Apparently, New Jersey Senate candidate Christina Khalil missed that in science class. She thinks a recent earthquake in her home state is the result of climate change. And no, I am not kidding. If you don’t live in the Northeast, you probably didn’t […]

Analysis: UK UFO Debris from 1983 Contained ‘Hybrid Tech That Didn’t Exist’

Shivam Singla471 /
Shivam Singla471 / shutterstock.comMost Americans haven’t even heard of the “UK Roswell event” that took place in Great Britain back in 1983. Some metal parts fell off of a low-flying, unidentified craft that hit some trees. Those parts were recovered from a nearby field and have been privately held since then. New metallurgical analysis suggests that whatever that […]

Majority of Americans Support President Trump’s 10-Percent Tariff Plan

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Robert Kneschke / shutterstock.comThis information will be a slap to the face of the Biden campaign and nearly every elected member of the US Congress. A clear majority of likely American voters say they support President Donald Trump’s proposal to impose a 10% tariff on all goods imported into the US. The intent of the tariffs is to […]

Book-Buying Public Completely Disinterested in Joe Biden

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dennizn / shutterstock.comOne concept that’s been in place for the past 40 years or so in Washington, DC, is that if you write a book about a president, it’s going to sell a lot of copies. That’s true even if people don’t read the book. This year is different, however. Publishers are dropping book contracts with writers […]

California Asked to Stop Covering Mug Shots with Lego Heads 

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Ekaterina_Minaeva / shutterstock.comSocial media users in Murrietta, California, will have one less thing to smile about when browsing local police posts. Law enforcement agencies have been “politely asked” to stop covering mug shot photos with Lego heads.  Since early 2023, the Murrieta Police Department has modified suspect photos on social media by adding Lego heads and emojis […]

Russia Throws Weight Behind North Korea’s Nuclear Agenda

fewerton /
fewerton / shutterstock.comIn a move that has everyone suspicious, Russia has thrown a wrench into international efforts to rein in North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. The United Nations Security Council found itself at loggerheads as Russia wielded its veto power to quash the renewal of an independent monitoring panel tasked with overseeing sanctions violations by North Korea. Why? […]

Nicole Shanahan is RFK Jr’s Running Mate: Will This Help or Hurt His Campaign?

U. J. Alexander /
U. J. Alexander / shutterstock.comIf you’re wondering why you’re hearing more about Robert F. Kennedy Jr lately, it’s because he’s the third option that you’ll see on your ballot. Biden will be listed as the candidate by the DNC and Trump will be listed as the candidate by the RNC, assuming nothing crazy happens within the next few months. […]

NFL to Now Schedule Christmas Games

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Mystic Stock Photography / shutterstock.comIt may be hard to imagine, but there was a day when nothing but the church was open on Sundays and certainly nothing on Christmas Day; how things have changed. Now, even the NFL will host Christmas games. News of the change came from the Wall Street Journal, which noted that despite previous statements from […]

Illegal Aliens Are Now Paid More Than US Military Families

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michaeljung / shutterstock.comImagine a soldier deployed overseas who has a spouse and two kids at home here in the US. Now imagine a family of four illegal aliens who have never done anything in America other than break our laws. Which family would you guess is being paid more, courtesy of the US taxpayers? If you guessed […]

Busy, Busy: China Hacks New Zealand Parliament  

BeeBright /
BeeBright / shutterstock.comOn Monday, the U.S. Justice Department revealed charges against Chinese hackers, accusing them of long-term cyberattacks on American businesses and officials. The indictment named seven individuals allegedly part of a hacking group that, for over a decade, targeted those critical of China. This group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat 31 (APT31), is said to have […]

CNN Responds to Trump’s Bloodbath Remark By Calling for a Bloodbath 

Grenar /
Grenar / shutterstock.comDuring his comments regarding a loss of U.S. auto manufacturing jobs at a rally in Ohio, former President Donald Trump cautioned that if he were not elected, there would be a “bloodbath.”  “We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able […]

Get Ready for Home Buying To Get Even More Problematic

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comThe nation’s top real estate industry group is proposing a settlement that could completely reshape the real estate industry. While legendary, it has the potential to make an already complex and convoluted process even more difficult for many home buyers. Put forth by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the NAR-run Multiple Listing Service — […]

Hyperfocus on Ukraine Leads to ISIS In Russia. Is America the Next Target? 

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railway fx / shutterstock.comOn Friday, March 23, Russia faced the unthinkable. Terrorists burst into a Piknik concert and began firing weapons indiscriminately into the crowd, killing more than 130 people and injuring 150 more. The shooters continued to fire into the fallen crowd before setting the venue ablaze. It was the worst terrorist attack in Russia since the […]